Our philosophy is to build you a website that is simple, unique, easy to navigate, quick to load, and visually appealing, and affordable!
Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web , using a Web browser or other Web-enabled software . The intent of web design is to create a website, a collection of electronic documents  and applications that reside on a Web server . The website may include text, images, sounds and other content, and may be interactive.
We are two computer engineers who repair computers and can also write the code that creates your webpage.
My name is Ian - Im 52, and His name is Daniel - he is 28 - a great mix of the old and the new. Both of us have tried and true methods of design and creativity and are both successful businessmen in several other business enterprises.

We both work at Computerz and More and are developing the MORE side of the company, it made sense for us to expand our Knowledge of how a computer works for you and make it work on the Internet.

We wanted to make it as easy and economical as we could for YOU to have a Website designed by us that fits YOU both in content and affordability.
Betwen Daniel and Myself we have over 50 years of Expertise and have both reached a similar conclusion - We need to provide to YOU our client, a Website Internet presence that is Real simple to create, Real simple to maintain and Modest in cost - We both sincerely believe that we have been able to consider those 3 important contributions in making for YOU a Website that lets other people know who YOU are and what YOU are about.